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John Cameron
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John Cameron Way more titanic-feeling than you'd think. When FGP find a hook, it catches deep and sticks in you for days. Chris' howling on "Stress Test" gives Dylan Baldi a run for his millenial money. Favorite track: Have I Mentioned....
Conan Neutron
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Conan Neutron the 2nd FGP record kinda rips! I played one of their jams on my new radio show this week, but really the whole thing is pretty great. RIYL: Silkworm, Dinosaur Jr., the more raucous Pavement stuff, Sebadoh Favorite track: Have I Mentioned....
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Sure is the second full-length release from Merced-based rock band Feeling Gravity's Pull.


released July 28, 2013

Christopher Casuga: guitar, vocals
Scott Hernandez-Jason: guitar, vocals
Sean Porter: bass guitar
Charlie Bullock: drums, drum programming, keyboards

Words to Frozen Moon, Stress Test, Have I Mentioned, Tone Test, Avenology, and A Winter Son written by Christopher Casuga.

Words to Sea Salt, Wrckng Snd Frvr and Before the Change written by Scott Hernandez-Jason.

(sure) composed by Charlie Bullock.

Produced by Charlie Bullock.
Engineered by Charlie Bullock, Skylar Francise and Christopher Casuga.
Album design and photography by Christopher Casuga.

Recorded at The Ark (June 2, 2013) and at Daylight Headlight House (July 5-7, 2013), both in Merced, CA.

Special thanks to Daniel Hong (for use of The Ark), RC Essig (for use of his microphones), and to Skylar Francise (for use of his time, talent and amplifier).

© 2013 Feeling Gravity's Pull. Catalog number FGP-002.



all rights reserved


Feeling Gravity's Pull Merced, California

Four people in Merced, CA who used to make loud rock music.

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Track Name: Frozen Moon
Check your feet, at the door
Two not one and you're prepared to go
Departure eve, my friends don't know
But the ground has finally kissed the snow
Great Western has never looked as pale as this
Look at the road past the apartment
The wind won't die down anytime soon
I could walk right to the frozen moon

Four months gone, I miss your skin
Removed so far from the state I'm in
Wool can only warm so much
In the absence of immediate faith and trust
On the frozen moon I can't hear a thing
Check one two, I can't hear you sing
Numb and burn from the cold stay true
Until I can no longer remember you
Track Name: Stress Test
You were nothing but a thought in my head
But a thought could keep me here
I could be that kind of left brain
That could hold the right so dear
And I could reach out, enough to touch you
But my thoughts won't unfurl straight
Before I become a mess right before your eyes
Like a clump of useless ticker tape

We could throw around a bunch of rubbish
Save another person the trouble
And say that you got a pair of two left feet
Put my two right ones to the test
They never expected this type of problem
They've never felt this kind of stress
This sort of thing used to be so easy
But I'm gonna try nevertheless

Keep it piled on my back and I will stay so still
Hope I haven't already used up all your goodwill
We could wear wigs, play pretend to be another pair
So you and I could try again, relaxed but unprepared

There's a chance I will run into you again
But I will not pin it on my hopes
This town's so small when I see all the same people
But it's too big to see you come and go
Maybe you stayed, maybe you moved
Maybe you're already next door
Another chance I get to fuck it all up
What else would I use that chance for?
Track Name: Have I Mentioned...
On a field northwest of nowhere
I laughed so hard that I cried
It's a skill that I've never taken for granted
And careful when it's applied
And I can't write a love song
I've got no one to love

Have I mentioned the unmentionable incident
That one was all my fault
The red herrings that I planted, all the false cues
Misdirection so I could put the blame on you
Have I expended all your sympathy?
That's a definite possibility

And have I mentioned I'm the running joke?
My only service is to oil your spokes
When you're the foreigner in your own country
You know you cannot go home
Explaining all the customs you were pre-accustomed to
Since before all those fuckers were born
When it gets cold in your own corner of the world
I hope that these facts keep you warm

Roll credits, turn the house lights on
The curtain call you back to wherever you're from
Strike down the stage and get your cut from the score
Leave the high-fives hanging, march for the door
It's not cracked up like in the movies
They're just broken funhouse mirrors to me

And all the songs I didn't write, misattributed to myself
No, I didn't write "500 Miles"
Allow me to clear the idiot air
Held back by your oblivious smile
A life defined by cover songs
Is that what I'm reduced to now?
Track Name: Sea Salt
The aqua sea seeps salt
The deck dampens in the dark
The hull cracks, and the ship halts
Oh, this majestic ark
Water spills around my feet
A night I've waited for
Vastness wears a gold-plate face
I've never felt like this before

Oh, the shanteys we'll sing in the moonlight
As we all float around
Lines for the ink-well ocean
Lines for the queen
The queen, the queen's crown

Moonlight on shattered glass
Shrieks and moans break the night
The terrible awful wreck
The monster has awful eyes
The rowboat's bolted in place
Piles of lifeless dust
Vastness wears a gold-plate face
All that's left is rust

The aqua sea seeps salt
The deck dampens in the dark
The hull cracks, and the ship halts
Oh, this majestic ark
Water spills around my feet
A night I've waited for
The salty smell of death does reek
I've never felt like this before
Track Name: Tone Test
I saw you on stage some long time ago
You sang like my old records came to life
Your voice cut through me, severed me in two
Even as dark suddenly took through the room
When the lights came back on, your face settled the score
An unbroken smile where notes don't ring from no more
Yet still your voice rang sure like it did before

I sought to hear you sing again
Even if it was just parlor tricks
I could have real any day of the week
But I came to love fake, only a mere slight of lips
I wanted you even though deep down I knew
The sound that I loved could never again come true
A synchronized star-crossed sound I keep letting through

I knew I liked you when we first met
That was the problem, thinking back on it now
Couldn't divorce first impressions from facts
I failed the tone test, yet I kept coming back
If my senses betray me, who am I to believe?
It's better that I put this record back in its sleeve
I'll keep chasing presence even if it will never again be
Track Name: Avenology
Driving through my old haunts
Where I once used to walk
Halting at stop signs
Stopped for me in older times
I don't live here anymore
I don't think I wish I did

Revisit the same place...

Once I wanted, while moving out
To take the blueprints from my house
It seems now less efficient than pictures
I'm no architect that works with raw material
I know now a roadmap is a better memoir
But then again, I'm no Avenologist

Went down the same road...

Another story for rocks I've thrown
Redraw memories from maps alone
Every step in worn-out soles
Retrace the route to my old home
The thoroughfares, the intersections
The only remaining extant connections

Never the same points...
Track Name: Wrckng Snd Frvr
Lipstick on pigs and roaches on pot
I give you so much and it's all that I got
You think that I'm grist and you cut out the fat
This overcooked steak with the flies in the fat
The sun raining down and the snow's coming in
The halcyon glow is staring again

Wrecking sound forever! Notes that never ring out!
Wrecking sound forever! Notes that never ring out!
Wrecking sound forever! Notes that never ring out!
Wrecking sound forever! Notes that never ring out!

Disbelief praise and misfits create
A blank piece of paper is all that I ate
I drank down the ink and I chased it with lead
I chewed down the skyline and called it my head
The day that it broke in red, black and white
The things that I thought were bleached in the night

Lines with no graph and disarrayed dots
You ask me how much, I say "quite a lot"
Track Name: A Winter Son
I was a winter son
Don't let that steer you wrong
I know what they say about me
I just let 'em prattle on
I was a winter son
Due in the summertime
My misfortune is what
I can only truly call mine
Turn on the lightning box
Turn on the sparks and shocks
While the other sons produce
I'm the only one that rocks
Go book yourself a ticket
To go to scenic Wales
And you can tell 'em all about
Your futuristic fairy tales

I was born
In the snow
Will I amount to anything
The answer's always “no”

I trudge into the woods
As I am wont to do
While my brothers relax
And get fat off of their brew
I'm asked to bring back logs
To drag them back in tow
I keep their fire burning
It's not like they care to know
Because no one cares
About the only child
Born to howling winds
And unforgiving cold alike
When I'm back at the house
In a life I didn't choose
I chose to show those fuckers
Just what a winter son can do

Into the fireplace
I toss the morning's catch
Douse the thing in gasoline
And flick a solitary match
I set the basement boiler
Set it to overload
So when that particular baby's lit
The fucker will do naught but blow
The carnage all around
The splinters turned to flame
But I was the only one in the house
When the destruction came
And my family stood around
All alive, all told
They said “good fucking riddance”
And threw me right into a hole
Track Name: Before The Change
Before the change
We brushed our teeth
Put on those songs
And a cotton sheet
Oh the rats that spring up
Flowing from this empty cup

After the change
We sorted our bowls
Put on those songs
To cauterize my soul
Broken cup runs dry
I can no longer try