Pulling Gravity's Feel

by The Usted Forms

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A short note: Pulling Gravitys Feel was recorded by Christopher before the band started as a template of what it would sound like, which is why it is credited to The Usted Forms and not Feeling Gravitys Pull. Confusing? Maybe. Western Constructions, Constellate, and Our Animal Years have become regular songs in the FGP setlist.


released March 22, 2010

All songs and instrumentation written and performed by Christopher Casuga. Recorded at Chris' house on March 22, 2010 and released not long after.



all rights reserved


Feeling Gravity's Pull Merced, California

Four people in Merced, CA who used to make loud rock music.

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Track Name: Western Constructions
All around I see the same buildings
(The same buildings all the time)
One street indistinct from the other
(The same row of buildings in a line)

(But they're all just Western constructions
What else could be so aligned
To take some arbitrary parts
Put them together to be defined)

In an other land, you don't speak the language
(But it doesn't take long to learn)
The words are right but the grammar is off
(The locals can tell by the phrase of turn)

But take, take an uncharted map
Draw your own conclusions from any side
And you'll end up with the same lines
That the East, the East will draw as well
Or from North or even South
We all speak with the same mouth

That we wield as a weapon in the course of discourses
(An argument's a minefield dotted with sources)
A retort armed to the teeth with a distraction
(A mutual debate is divisive attraction)

And it's true that the buildings on the street are clones
And your native tongue's grammar will leave you alone
And the argument's more like a kick than a dance
But the constructions you see here are a worldwide stance
Track Name: Our Animal Years
We were free, we were wild, we were uncertain
We were running very fast headlong into the curtain
That divided our animal years from the ones
Where we become domesticated, docile and dumb
We were slowing down as we were gaining momentum
Johnny-come-latelies but they always expect 'em
But we still got our fill as we run through the gate
We tried to hit the brakes but we were too late

We were once like the tiger and the ox
Nobler than horses and wit of the fox
But our animal years are dying with the dogs
That got put in the ship that died in the fog

Yesterday was pretty bad, can you believe
That the manes on our head are starting to recede
Once idolized, now idilized, capacities broken
Destroy 35% of monsters to proceed
Well you've got to take faith that maybe one day
All the old animals will vacate their caves
We'll look for anyone who needs a punch in the face
But the bastards all have gone and joined the human race

Our animal years are gone
Long live that old life withdrawn
Track Name: Constellate
Wearing coats, paint on the wall
You can't see the colors, but I've got one for all
Occasions happen, when you want
Me I'll keep wearing to disappoint

I fucked up the year, but that's okay
You won't even notice at all
Until I'm so far away that I constellate

If you can accept that I am a wreck
Maybe it wouldn't be so hard to sell
I would hope such candor is to be admired
So let's get furious, I'll be on fire
Track Name: The Bottom Rung
Well, you'd never know if you'd never been there
The complacency of the bottom rung
There's no need to try to get a step up
When you continue to be told you're being wrong

The lowest step can start to be comfy
If you're not brave enough to want to play the game
When every step becomes a chute inside the ladder
Your falls will only leave yourself to blame

And I can feel the splinters
From holding on for so long
Sometimes you've gotta get broken
Before you try to scrape along

There's a world inside of the first step
Inhabited by a cavalcade of tries
And every attempt is supported by the intent
That's never acted on and they turn into their own lives

And what's the reward for a lifetime as the low man
You see your friends climbing up to the top
That old adage that they'll see you on re-entry
Doesn't apply 'cause they'll have a higher stop

And you try to move those muscles
But the memory's not there
'Cause you never tried to climb up
And your drive's beyond repair

I see you moving now
I like your offbeat scowl
As you climb that ladder tall
Now you're high enough to fall

Of course I could say that it's an institution
That kept me from the effort of the second step
Maybe to be underdog is more appealing
And saves me from the threat of a misstep

But sometimes it just has to be remarked
That the ladder's another tired hump
Because another way to try to get higher
Is to take a breath and then you try to jump
Track Name: Avenology
Driving through my old haunts
where once I used to walk,
halting at stop signs
that were stopped at for me in my time.
I don't live here anymore
I don't know if I wish I did.

I hope they teach the kids...

Once, I wanted while moving out
to take the blueprints of my house.
Now it seems less efficient than pictures--
I'm no architect that works with raw material.
I know now a road map is a better memoir--
but again, I'm no licensed Avenologist.

We revisit the same place...

The houses could all have been painted over
but in the uniform streetlight, I couldn't tell.
There were weeks in my time
where I'd never see a stoplight.
No thoroughfares, no major intersections
now, barely any extant connections.

But never the same points...

The world is not linear!
The world is not linear!
The world is not linear!
The world is not linear!